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When you need a ‘business friend’ to talk to we are here to help. We can help you focus on what matters and with a great network of people on ‘tap’ who can guide you in most areas of business.
“To succeed and to do well often feels like climbing up a high mountain. It takes patience and hard work. At TESTORF & Co we can help you achieve this in the most effective and enjoyable way.”
Christian Testorf



Our clients are from industry or are running their own small businesses from home.



Our highly skilled team is experienced in all areas from finance to marketing.



We invest discreetly in small business startups in and outside the UK.

About Christian Testorf

Christian TestorfChristian Testorf has spent over 30 years leading diverse European businesses at operational and boardroom level; he has also been a tutor at The Leadership Trust since 1992. This involvement with the Trust and his extensive, international business experiences have enabled him to become a business advisor, consultant, investor and CEO to small and medium size companies.

For some years Christian has been investing in start-ups and actively supports the European Search Fund Association; he has facilitated MBOs, takeovers, acquisitions and business consolidations.

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Mentoring and Consulting

We offer personal and business mentoring and can support you with financial advice, marketing expertise, web development and social media management.

Investment for Entrepreneurs

We invest discreetly in small business start ups in and outside the UK. We consider and participate in providing money for ‘search funds’. We evaluate equity opportunities as and when they arise.
I worked with Testorf & Co. at a time when our company was at a transition stage and were unsure how to structure our pricing and manufacturing processes. Christian had the unusual ability to analyse both the financial and personnel aspects of the company to great effect resulting in our securing contracts with the major UK car manufacturers and importers.- Stephen H Skolnik,Designer Installations
It is fair to say that apart from the initial embarrassment of laying open business vulnerabilities,just having a chat or business discussion with an impartial and non-judgemental near total stranger was really amazing. In the past,well-meaning friends,relatives and very close business buddies would comment ``Well,that’s not how I would do it.`` or ``Why did you not think of this?`` I would compare it to a bit like having 'therapy' ... a business therapy that allows the main operator of the business to air frustrations,ideas and discover direction along the way without really being subjected to criticism,then steady hand holding throughout the obvious and necessary changes for moving forward.- Walker Brierley,Proprietor and Managing Director,Abstracta Ltd

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